Giving Back

At CrossPoint – Commercial Real Estate Services we believe that giving back is vital to the overall well-being of the communities in which we are a part of. These are the types of investments that truly cannot be measured, for the returns are priceless! We believe the answer is found in donating significant resources to strengthen our community, with an emphasis on children.
Patrick Reynolds, CCIM
Founder - Principal Broker

Want to Help Make an Impact?

Patrick was fortunate to receive an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors for a local 501(c) (3) non-profit foundation, Whiskey & Wishes. He would like to invite you to visit their page and please reach out to him directly if you would like to learn more about getting involved or more importantly if you know of a local non-profit that could benefit from a grant.

Giving Back
Giving Back
Whiskey and Wishes

In the spirit of friendly competition for a good cause, Patrick sees the values in being the Title Sponsor for the annual “Whiskey & Wishes Battle for the Barrel” golf outing.  Doing such has allowed us to make a positive impact in our community.  This highly sought after event attracts a wide range of participants, from avid golfers to casual players, all of whom share a common interest in supporting a good cause!

Patrick believes sponsoring this event shows his commitment to supporting local charities, while creating awareness for the Whiskey & Wishes organization.  It truly is a, “win-win” for everyone involved, helping to raise funds and awareness for important causes while also providing opportunities for businesses and organizations to give back to their community in a meaningful way.